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ISE 3.1 psn - no space left on device



Suddenly ISE psn started to log this message:

"/opt/system/bin/ :cannot create temp file for here-document : No space left on device."

Because of this error , psn posture does not work. and i get the following error: 

"Agentless script upload failed"

 what can i do?

Thank you

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How much disk space do you have allocated to your PSN?  Is this an appliance or a VM?   The minimum disk size for a VM PSN is 300GB but I typically recommend 600GB to match the 3615 hardware appliance.  

I am using a vm.

600 GB disk

Marcelo Morais
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VIP Advisor

Hi @amitmark100 ,

 double check your Internal Filesystem space via:

ise/admin# show disks
Internal filesystems:
all internal filesystems have sufficient free space

Open a TAC Case, file can only be accessed through Root Access.

Hope this helps !!!


But why is this happening?

I do not have a lot of endpoints at the moment. How is it that the server is already full?

doesn't ISE PSN have some kind of automatic purging capabilities?

Than you

Endpoint purge rules (besides guest and BYOD) are not configured by default.  It is best practice to configure them as needed for your environment.  However, this probably not your issue.  You will need TAC assistance here to login with root to determine what is using the disk space.

Hi @amitmark100 ,

 could be many things ... just a couple: 

1. Local Log Storage period ... at Administration > System > Logging > Log Settings

2. not default Log Level ... at Administration > System > Logging > Debug Log Configuration

In other words, open a TAC Case is good Action Plan.

Hope this helps !!!

Arne Bier
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VIP Advisor

Did you have any debug logging enabled at the time? Perhaps from a previous troubleshooting episode?  Those debugs can create a lot of logs. I agree with Marcelo - TAC will need to look under the bonnet and help you out.

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