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ISE 3.2 patch 4 - Remove HTML from SMS gateway $message$ variable.

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Level 1

Posting this here to hopefully save someone some time when configuring their SMS gateway provider in ISE 3.2 patch 4. May also apply to other ISE versions.

When configuring our SMS gateway provider to send guest credentials , we discovered that the $message$ variable contained HTML code, causing our provider to reject the message. Screenshot below of the guest portal debug, showing the HTML code sent as part of the SMS message body.


After some trial and error, we discovered a way to remove the HTML code from the $message$ variable.

1. Navigate to your guest portal configuration and select the "Portal page customisation" tab.

2. Click on Notifications / SMS.

3. Under the "Approval message for Self-Registration guests" message text , remove all the text and variables that are there, and type in any text, such as "test", and click save.

4. Now remove the text you entered, and rebuild the message by manually typing it out, and choosing the variables you need from the "fx" dropdown, and click save. 


5. HTML should now be removed from the $message$ variable when it is called by the SMS gateway provider config. Debug screenshot below showing $message$ now has no HTML code present, and the message will now be accepted by the provider.






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