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ISE 3.X My Devices portal issues


We are trying to deploy 3.1.  And we do use the My Devices portal for users to manage their devices.  We are running into My Devices portal issues below:

We can successfully register a device, going through the registration flow, and it does add the device to the My Devices portal and adds the device to the RegistredDevices identity group.

If we try to delete that device from the My devices portal, for the first time, it DOES remove the device from the RegistredDevices identity group,  and DOES remove it from the My Devices portal, but after a few minutes the device reappears in the My Devices portal, but does not get added back into the RegeristedDevices identity group.  So, if you try to reconnect with that device, it will require you to re-register the device.

If we try to delete any of the devices for a second time out of the My Devices portal after they have re-appeared and while the device is NOT in the RegistredDevices identity group, nothing happens.  The device just stays in the My Device portal.

if we manually add a new device into the My Devices portal, without going through the registration flow, we can successfully delete the device without issue.

Has anyone seen this?  is it something we are doing or have configured incorrectly?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

@j656 The only known issue on MyDevices portal is an internal bug, which addressed in ISE 3.1 Patch 4. If your deployment has ISE 3.1 Patch 4 or later, please engage Cisco TAC support to troubleshoot further.

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