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Arne Bier
VIP Advisor

ISE doesn't accept Admin user's email address with 2 level domain hierarchy



ISE 2.4 patch 2

I tried creating a local ISE Admin user and when I entered the email address, ISE complains that the email address is invalid

e.g. joe.bloggs@some.domain


but ISE accepts a three-level domain such as


This is not normal ...




Cisco Employee

I was able to reproduce this , seems that ISE will not accept more then 3 Characters on the top level domain.

Please raise a case with TAC.





For me to raise yet another TAC case is a grand waste of my time.  It's not just a case of a 5 min job.  It's hours down the drain again trying to explain inane things like this to TAC engineers and getting on WebEx calls and such like.  You have no idea man.  Since you're Cisco employee can you please do a topic search and see whether this is a known issue?  I have spent hundreds of hours of pro-bono quality assurance time this year raising TAC cases on stupid issues like this.  I should be on the payroll quite honestly.  Or Cisco should have a bug bounty - that might inspire me to work even harder.  Isn't it good enough that customers/partners are raising these issues in the first place?

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