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ISE restore backup file


Hi everyone ,

We use ISE version 1.2 in distributed deployment and I want to create test node with same production configuration. How can I use adm node backup for test node ?

Thanks a lot

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Tim Steele

That is common for a "lab" node for use case testing.  Most of the time, a VM ISE node is spun up for this purpose.  The only real potential challenge with that is licensing (if you plan for this to be a permanent lab node).  You might talk with your Cisco account team for help there.

Once you have your lab node up and running (on same code and patch), you can restore the backup from your admin node.  You'll need to join AD again, take care of importing certs, take a look at any authz profiles you have statically pointed to a specific PSN and change to your lab node, change your scheduled backup to a new name to eliminate confusion, etc.

Then, you need to configure your test NADs.  If you're using wireless, you can create your new lab ISE node as a radius authc and acct server on the WLC, create test WLANs, and create a test AP Group that only has those test WLANs added.  Then, add a spare AP to your new test AP Group and you're good to go.  Obviously, if you're using wired, you'll just need a lab switch.


Hi Tim ,


Thanks for your response. I installed ISE version1.2 and patches for lab node.It was running and I joined AD .Then I restored prod configuration backup to lab node but application server wasn't running . I installed ISE again. How can I use production configuration backup ? Is it possible ?


Yes, it is possible.  I've done this many times when migrating a customer from one version of ISE to another (I prefer that method over "upgrades").  I would consider taking another backup - maybe the one you are trying to restore is corrupt at some level.  


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