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ISE root and intermediate cert

Hi folks, 


not really sure if this is the right place or not, seeking for your assistance on this matter, 


we have a pretty old ISE running 2.0


so we have started getting alerts of an intermediate certificate authority:


Intermediate certificate authority
Expires : Mon, 12 Apr 2021 12:32:04 PDT

Certificate is going to expire within 60 days


Root certificate authority
Expires : Tue, 18 Mar 2036 12:20:18 PDT

Certificate status is good
The root, based on the hostname, it is being used for all PSN nodes, 
so my question is, do I need to renew this intermediate certificate ? or does not matter? 
in case I need to renew it, is the same process of renewing the root CA? or do I need to renew the root as well? 
can someone give some lights please?
a couple of notes I have seen:
the root CA is installed in the PC, 
expiration date: Expires : Tue, 18 Mar 2036



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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

First, I strongly recommend upgrading your ISE cluster.  Second, take a peek at the following as it should help: How To Implement Digital Certificates in ISE - Cisco Community


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