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ISE Self-Registered Guest Portal -- Automatic Portal Popup

We're using the self-registered guest portal for our wireless guest users and it does work but the user has to first attempt to browse to something on the internet first. Is there a way to automatically redirect the user to this portal without requiring that they browse to some site first? I also notice that it has to be a site that isn't really in the cache for the redirect to work. If I browse to a site that I always browse to, the redirect doesn't occur and we just get a page can't be displayed but if I browse to a site I rarely go to, the redirect pops right up. Thoughts? Thanks 


If you are using a Cisco WLC must likely you have the "captive portal bypass" enabled. This is enabled via CLI with the command config network web-auth captive-bypass {enable | disable}.

If you enable it, the pop-up won't work. If you disable it, you will get the popup. However, is important to mention that the self-registration process might not work because the popup uses a pseudo-browser. I recommend that you enable it and test with a few devices to validate that it works. Also, keep in mind that changing the status if this feature requires a WLC reboot.

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