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License issue with ISE setup

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Level 1

Good Day All,

For a setup of 2 ISE on 2 site, connected via a WAN Link. A 1000 users license is used.

My question is that if the WAN link is down, how will the license distribution be?

Will the secondary policy cease to accept new connection? or will be allow up to 500? or 1000?

Thanks & Regards


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Naveen Kumar
Level 4
Level 4


As per me, If the Link will be down, The primary device will work fine and allow upto 1000 endpoints but the secondary device will stop working.

This would depend on the ISE structure. If you only have one admin node then the connection to that admin node drops...the other ISE will stop funtioning, but if you have some sort of redundancy builtin to the structure it is possible to continue using both assuming you can use the same license base, but if you have 500 device license on one, and 500 on the other, then that will be the limit for each location.

For instance we have a single admin node, but 2 locations using ISE for VPN users....if the link goes down here, then no one can connect at the remote site. But people that connect to the VPN here will continue to function.

Level 4
Level 4
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