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Persistence on F5 Load Balancer for Cisco ISE

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We have a customer using an F5 load balancer running version 14.  He needs to configure persistence but the existing documentation is not working.  Customer explained F5 told him that documentation on the link below was for older version going back to version 9 and this will not work on newer code.  The customer did try this config and stated it is not working.


He found newer documentation on the link below but this config is also not working for him.  He is getting an error and the F5 will not take the config.  We are looking for some assistance with the correct config for the F5 for L3 persistence.


The error:

01220001:3: TCL error: /Common/irule_ise_persistence <LB_SELECTED> - More data required (line 1) (line 1)     invoked from within "RADIUS::avp 61 "integer""


Customer advised F5 was also getting the same error when using the same config.


Is anyone working on updated documentation for persistence on the F5?  Any help would be appreciated.


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This looks a syntax compatibility with F5 iRule so it's best for you to seek support from F5, especially F5 already told the customer that will not work on the new code.

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