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Richard Lucht

PostgreSQL External Identity store

I followed this guide PostgreSQL -Configure ODBC on ISE 2.1 with PostgreSQL - Cisco  

I have this set up on Ubuntu and I have pgAdmin4 up and running connected the database as well.  What I would like to do is set up groups or tables for mac addresses for devices like printers and other devices so we can store MAC addresses.  has anyone else have this setup or something similar.  this is only for testing purposes what we have planned is eventually have a database that desktop support can add mac address of devices like printers and other devices through a webpage.  We want to keep them out of ISE and not keep sending these requests to be added to the ISE team.

If someone has a more efficient option I would like to hear about it.



Accepted Solutions

Yes you can use the API to perform CRUD Operations on endpoints and groups of endpoints

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Cisco Employee

If your devices are relatively small in number (e.g. a couple of hundred items), then it would be good to use one simple table. If fairly sizable, then you should consider consulting with a DB expert for design and database normalization.

Craig Hyps

You could also leverage ERS API to programmatically add them to ISE by desktop support team without requesting ISE admin to manually add them via ISE Admin UI.

I started to look into this, can I use this to set up a web portal for desktop support to add MAC addresses to certain groups that I create in ISE?

Yes you can use the API to perform CRUD Operations on endpoints and groups of endpoints

Hi Jason, is there a step by step guide for this?  This is a completely new area for me.  I would like to make it as simple as possible for the other users to add MAC address.

No there is not

Hopefully if someone has some notes they would share but no one has written one that I know of on the community

Thanks Jason

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