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Problem by the process to recover a CLI admin password


Hello together,
I have a problem with the recovery of CLI admin passwords. I have used this tutorial:

When I am in the menu, I have the options 1 to 3 and q (exit). The problem is that I can not enter anything in the console line. The underline flashes and nothing happens. Is it a bug?

I use the ISE version


Best regards


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Peter Koltl
Rising star
Rising star

A flashing underscore is a frozen/corrupted ISE. I guess it does not reply to pings or on SSH.

Greg Gibbs
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

AFAIK, the utilities menu is provided by the ISO, not from the ISE application itself so I don't believe this would indicate any corruption in the application/database.

The official procedure can be found in the Install Guide.

On the first menu, are you selecting the 'Serial Console' or 'Keyboard/Monitor' option?

If you connecting directly via Keyboard/Monitor (or via VM console) and the menu hangs, you might want to confirm at the ISO image is not corrupt by checking the MD5 or SHA hash against what is published on the Download page.

If all else fails, I would suggest contacting TAC before doing anything drastic like re-imaging the node.


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