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yong khang NG

reimage NAC-3315 appliance to ISE


My site got the NAC-3315 appliance and we would like to reimage this appliance to inline posture mode (for VPN purpose)

What's the proper migration process should deal with this? Is the NAC-3315 hardware comply with the Inline posture mode requirement?



Nicolas Darchis
Cisco Employee

Yes. Just download the ISE ISO and install it from scratch on the NAC appliance.

I think there may be a firmware upgrade / disk reconfiguration that is required. Take a look at:

Hi All,

I'm using ise- try to reimage on NAC 3315 appliance.

what/how i do is:

01. manually set the BIOS date and time tally with UTC time.

02. burn the ISO as bootable DVD, and install the ISE from scratch.

03. after setting the interface IP address, subnet mask and default gateway, it fail to ping the gateway

(I just proceed the installation anyway)

04. The NAC 3315 appliance was connected to a switch, switchport  access join the dedicate VLAN, but it fail to ping the NAC IP from  switch. In fact, from switch it was able to ping the gateway IP)


01. after the installation done, able to CLI to the ISE and check  all the ISE processes were running. But problem is nobody can ping the  ISE appliance.

02. I following the instruction of "Cisco Identity Services  Engine Hardware Installation Guide, Release 1.1" -> "Appendix F,  Installing Cisco ISE 3300 Series Software on Cisco NAC and Cisco Secure  ACS Appliances", which this can be found on following URL

03. In the installation process i didn't resetting the RAID array, is it necessary for me to reset it?

(Because i didn't see the message indicating that "The installer requires at least 600GB disk space for this appliance type,")

Can please guide what to do? Million Thanks


Hi all,

During the installation i facing this problem:

enter NTP server []:

bringing up network interface ..

pinging the gateway...

gateway ping failed. Retry

sync with NTP server failed. Incorrect time could render the system unusable until it is re-instealled.

What happen to the NAC 3315 network adapter? definitely the switch's switchport is functioning. Now i cannot reach the appliance eventhough i finish install...

please advice, thanks

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