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Trouble viewing profiling policies

Level 1
Level 1

Hello all,

I just upgraded to 2.7 Patch 3. When looking at the profiling policies in the GUI it's stuck in a "loading" state. We have a distributed solution, all hardware (No VM) with 2 PSN's, 2 PAN's and 2 MnT. I verified the profiling config was the same post deployment on the PSN's. Has anyone run into this issue? I do have an active TAC case open.


Thanks in advance. 

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 I have a 2.7 P3, Distributed Deployment, no issue with Policy > Profiling.

 Try to Promote the Secondary PAN to Primary and test the Profiling Policies again.


Hope this helps !!!

I'll use this as part of my trouble shooting measures. Thanks Marcelo!

Damien Miller
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Someone in our ISE space indicated they had this issue after upgrading to 2.7. You may be hitting this bug. TAC could possibly provide you a hot fix if they have identified the root cause.

Thank You Damien! I plan on running it through the "app config ise" option [5] Refresh Database Statistics during a maintenance window. This is definitely helpful.