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Upgrading ISE SNS-3415-k9 2.4 version to 2.6 version



We are currently running ISE 2.4 patch 10 on SNS-3415-k9 hardware. Due to the recent vulnerability release I planned to upgrade this device to 2.6. When I checked compatibility matrix it says 3415 doesn't support anything above 2.3, but we are already running 2.4 patch 10 with out any issues. We have also renewed cisco support this year. Per cisco this devices is eol for software. Is anyone here still using 3415 and have tried upgrading to 2.6? 2) What does the EOL mean to my organization? We have purchased cisco support already for this device, will cisco still support us if it breaks?

3) If we plan to move to VM do I have to buy new licenses again or can I transfer my hardware license to VM license?

4) Has anyone migrated from hardware to VM? Can some one help me with the process on how to migrate and share any documents if you have.


Thanks for your support.

Dustin Anderson

EoL/EoS will mean that if you have issues, Cisco will not be able to help past a certain date. From what I can see most support is already terminated and hardware support ends October 31, 2021.


VMs have a different license, and current licensing will not transfer. You may be able to work with your seller to see about deals, but by default licensing is tied to the unit and you have to buy new for the new device. Plus/Apex may transfer as they are timed, but base should not.


We run hardware 3595s, and I spin up a VM to test new code. I find it easy to just restore a backup from the appliance works fine, just don't restore the adOS as that would change setting of the device/VM itself, but that is an easy way to transfer. You would want to test and verify restoring one version to another for compatibility. I think 2.4 can restore into 2.6.

Aref Alsouqi
Rising star

Cisco would not support you if anything happens with a software that is not supported for that platform. Regarding the licenses, I might be wrong here, but I think you can transfer them, however, you still need to by the VM licenses which are not expensive.

Arne Bier
VIP Advisor

@skc455  - thanks for sharing. It's interesting to know that the SNS-34xx appliances are at least capable of running ISE 2.4 - I thought the upgrade/installer would have prevented it. If it runs acceptably for your needs then I wonder why Cisco would not support it.

I have a customer stuck on ISE 2.3 because of these appliances. It's frustrating because ISE 2.3 is holding up other things like DNAC release compatibility.

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