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Cat6500 temperature



catalyst 6500 is saying that the max. temp. is 40 C from datasheet.

so I checked my device temperature.


switch#show env temperature

  VTT 1 outlet temperature: 33C

  VTT 2 outlet temperature: 32C

  VTT 3 outlet temperature: 32C

  module 1 outlet temperature: 39C

  module 1 inlet temperature: 33C

  module 1 aux-1 temperature: 42C

  module 1 aux-2 temperature: 40C

  module 1 asic-1 temperature: 66C

  module 1 asic-2 temperature: 61C

  module 1 EARL outlet temperature: 38C

  module 1 EARL inlet temperature: 35C

  module 2 outlet temperature: 37C

  module 2 inlet temperature: 31C

  module 2 aux-1 temperature: 38C

  module 2 aux-2 temperature: 37C

  module 2 asic-1 temperature: 62C

  module 2 asic-2 temperature: 57C

  module 2 EARL outlet temperature: 33C

  module 2 EARL inlet temperature: 32C

  module 3 outlet temperature: 37C

  module 3 inlet temperature: 30C

  module 3 aux-1 temperature: 36C

  module 3 aux-2 temperature: 37C

  module 3 asic-1 temperature: 62C

  module 3 asic-2 temperature: 57C

  module 3 EARL outlet temperature: 33C

  module 3 EARL inlet temperature: 31C

  module 4 outlet temperature: 37C

  module 4 inlet temperature: 32C

  module 4 aux-1 temperature: 36C

  module 4 aux-2 temperature: 37C

  module 4 asic-1 temperature: 61C

  module 4 asic-2 temperature: 57C

  module 4 EARL outlet temperature: 32C

  module 4 EARL inlet temperature: 30C

  module 5 outlet temperature: 37C

  module 5 inlet temperature: 30C

  module 5 device-1 temperature: 33C

  module 5 device-2 temperature: 35C

  module 5 asic-1 temperature: 54C

  module 5 asic-3 temperature: 41C

  module 5 asic-4 temperature: 53C

  module 5 RP outlet temperature: 32C

  module 5 RP inlet temperature: 32C

  module 5 EARL outlet temperature: 34C

  module 5 EARL inlet temperature: 28C


I found several asics are very hi temperature.

are they acceptable ?

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Leo Laohoo
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VIP Community Legend

Enter the command "sh env al".  If no additional errors then you are fine.

thanks leolaohoo

I'll check show env all.

Do you know that if  asics temperature were over 40C on "show env temperature", we could get cisco's supports ?

so CCO said " Certified for operation: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C) " on

The temperature in the data sheet talks about the OUTSIDE temperature relative to the switch.  The output you've shown is from the INSIDE of the switch.

thanks leolahoo.

I do understand!

thank you for your kidness.



Can anybody explain what is VTT and EARL temperature?

Mostly every important modules in these modular switches like 6500 has temperature sensors to guage there temperatures and provide alerts in time.

EARL stands for Enhanced Address Resolution Logic. It is gives the 6500, the ability to do packet forwarding in hardware. EARL is nothing but a set of ASICs or CHIPs that does forwarding lookups at hardware level. The same job that a CPU or Proccesor does. But by doing forwarding lookups in hardware and not involving the CPU, helps us to achieve the Millions Packet/Sec rate.

The VTT(voltage termination) module are three replaceable voltage termination (VTT) modules (WS-C6K-VTT-E=) that provide reference voltage for bus signals.

These temperature sensors are for these two hardware modules/ASICs to monitor.

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