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Ciscoworks RME Syslog Automation Actions

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Level 1

I set up RME several years ago on our Ciscoworks several running LMS 3.2 to notify us on any BGP flaps via email notification.

I noticed the last couple maintenance period where we had perform Circuit work with our ISP's. We haven't received any emails....I verified those

routers are configured to send notifications in the Device Selector and even checked the router logs.

004161: Nov 20 05:04:52 EST: %BGP-5-ADJCHANGE: neighbor X.X.X.X Down BGP Notification sent

004162: Nov 20 05:04:52 EST: %BGP-3-NOTIFICATION: sent to neighbor X.X.X.X 4/0 (hold time expired) 0 bytes

The syslog collector status appears to be there anything I need to do the fix this?

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Level 4


Are you receiving any emails from your LMS server?  If not, navigate to  Common Services > Server > Admin > System Preferences to enter your SMTP settings.

Identifying the syslog message is one step but there are more.


Set Up

By default, Automated Actions are used to notify via email, using the ``  as the script to run. If you do not want to use this, you could write  or use your own scripts to perform the action that you really want. In  this case please note that we do not provide support for any custom  scripts if the problem seems to be related to the script that you are  using.

You still need the following settings:

1.   Select Devices

In *RME > Tools > Syslog > Automated Actions* and click on create and select the devices that you wish to use.

2.   Define Message Type

Please  give a name to the Automated Action and then click on add to define a  message type. In here, please specify the following values:

    Facility: BGP

    Sub-facility: *

    Severity: 5

    Mnemonic: ADJCHANGE

    Description: *

3.  Select Automated Action

Select the default script or the script that you wish to use.  Please note that this script must be located in the *CSCOpx/files/scripts/syslog* file and needs to have only write/execute permissions for casuser/Administrator in Windows.

This way when a message matching the above is generated, the Automated Action is triggered and this will run the script that you choose and do the commands that it has specified.

Here is an example:

If you verify that your setup is correctly configured then take a look at the smtp.log found under ../CSCOpx/log. 



I verified all my settings are set up correctly.....I do receive emails from DFM for network alerts.

I looked at the smtp.log under the /log directory and the last time I saw a BGP event was Sept.23rd which is odd.

Is it a service we can reset in Ciscoworks to correct this issue?


DFM has it's own configuration for SMTP.  RME is going to use the settings found under Common Services > Server > Admin > System Preferences.  When you found the event on 9/23 was there a corresponding email in your inbox.