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Excluding specific interface from OSPF SNMP traps

Hello Engineers!

Our company is serving connectivity to dozen international sites. We do have one office that particularly likes to be 'powered down' without any notice due to the regional conflicts (Middle East). It leads to creating events in router, that are then logged to SNMP server and after that they are described in monitoring tool (Spectrum) as a WAN alarms. As a workaround, whole site was disabled in monitoring tool (which does not affect any router configuration), but our Router A in events of OSPF alarms triggers separate major alarm titled 'OSPF NEIGHBOUR CHANGE STATUS'. 

What is causing router to trigger proper alarm is OSPF trap below:

log number: date/date %OSPF-5-ADJCHG: Process 1, Nbr on Tunnel100 from FULL to DOWN, Neighbor Down: Dead timer expired

As you can see, OSPF relationship was broken between Router A and B located X miles away from HQ.
What we would like to achieve is to disable sending above message to SNMP server. We do NOT want to disable ALL OSPF traps because this router is responsible for multiple international sites so we could avoid little disaster.

I've tried 'no snmp link-status' under port interface (remember, it's Tunnel type interface) but there is only option to choose '0 or 1' meaning - we can only disable events if interface goes down. Which is not the case, tunnels and associated subinterfeces are always up - only OSPF session is broken.


Is there a possibility to perform such tasks? If yes, it should be configured on router (client) or SNMP manager?

We would like to exclude triggering 'OSPF NEIGHBOUR CHANGE STATUS' alarm when Tunnel100 lost his OSPF adjacency. 

Appreciate any help.



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Re: Excluding specific interface from OSPF SNMP traps

Dear qajteq,

Try do it.
on tunnel interface and sub-interface that you need disable it, apply it: no snmp trap link-status
Jaderson Pessoa
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