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How can you check default configuration information w/ baseline templates?

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Level 1

We use "skeleton files" to enforce certain configuration commands to all devices. Skeletons are based upon platform, IOS/catos, etc.

For example:

logging buffered info

logging console debug

logging monitor debug

logging buffer 16384

logging trap informational

The problem is that if I put these commands into the baseline template, all devices are non-compliant because they are default commands. But, if we don't put them into the skeleton, they don't get turned on.

How can we use baseline templates to find out if certain commands a turned on or off?

I'm using LMS 2.6/RME 4.0.6

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

This is a good use for prerequisites. For example, if you create a prereq template like:

+ [#logging console .*]

Then, if a device HAS this command, you can do a further compliance check:

+ logging console debug

This way, a device which doesn't have a logging console command in its standard running config you know will be compliant since "logging console debug" is the default. You can repeat this for the other commands.

Hi Joe,

how can lms check the default settings? When I configured for example "+ logging on"- this is the default setting on routers and the LMS can't to see it in the running configuration. All jobs are marked as non compliant. So is possible to check default settings?

I tried to use template with the following command: "- no logging on" - this command is seen in the running config, but when I deployed this template the lms used the following command "no no logging on":-(.

Can you help me?

Thank you


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