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I cant my pcs with ethernet but with wifi not

Hi, how are you?

I need help , with connecting my server pc to ethernet i can see him with the WIFI , but if i connect my server with WIFI , i cant see my server and my pc.

If server is with ethernet , i can see this pc too.


Im using a CISCO RV 340W , WINDOWS UPDATE 1909

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Mark Malone
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni
Are these devices on the same subnet when connected by wifi and ethernet or are they 2 different subnets ?

if they are separate subnets are they being advertised in the routing table ?
looking at the emulator you need to click router advertisement section when creating the vlans

Yes similar subnetg2a.PNG


I have this in 

Router Advertisement

if there on the same subnet wifi or wired are your receiving same settings like the gateway and subnets when the devices are on both ?