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LMS 4.0 PSIRT Report Problem

Mohammed Tolib
Level 1
Level 1

Hi all,

I am using CWLMS 4.0.1 om Windows 2008. I tried to generate a PSIRT Summary report with "The PSIRT/EOX reports settings" is set to Local and I ran a "PSIRT/EOX system job" first but the report keeps "loading" forever. and I am getting a message in the browser Status Bar

"contentFrame.REPORTS_Inventoryreportsui is null or not an object


I am using Internet Explorer 8 and Java is updated.

I'd appreciate any ideas.


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Hi Tolib

Did you tried Firefox Explorer, try it, have problem looking like this long time back with LMS then i switched over Firefox it works.

but its most probably with your java version installed tried to install different version of java (latest one or older one not sures some time it works fine with older one)

further more did you runn OS 32 bit or 64bit

make sure about this requirements too.

Browser      Internet Explorer 8.0

                  Firefox 3.6 for Windows

                    Note: Support for 32 bit browsers only

Java Plug-in     Java Plug-in version 1.6.0_19 or later 1.6 updates only

here is more details about it.

I installed JRE 1.6.0_19 and it gave me the same error. I installed even latest version and still the same.

brother did you tried mozilla firefox browser ? if not try it too. also share error screen shot (complete error)

Thanks brother. It is working fine now. It wasy mistake I copied the and

files in


\files\rme\jobs\inventory\reports\EOX_PSIRT" folder

instead of


\files\rme\jobs\inventory\reports\EOX_PSIRT\local_xml" folder.

Thanks for the help