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Prime Infrastructure 3.1 Network Health Monitoring Overview Job Aid Now Available

Robbin Thomas
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The Network Health Monitoring Overview job aid introduces you to the types of information that you can see when using the Network Health dashboard and performance graphs to monitor overall network health.

Open the Network Health Monitoring Overview job aid, which is a PDF-formatted file.

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VIP Engager VIP Engager
VIP Engager

this dashboard is not visible in my environment

I guess this has to do with licensing (no assurance license at this time we use prime only for wireless management)

if this is the case mentioning info about licensing would improve the document.

Hi Pieter,

Thank you for noting this observation! I will check out the issue and follow up...



Good afternoon.

I had the same problem. It turned. it is necessary to log in as root. It ROOT, and not another account.

Then this tab is displayed.

Hello Diesel,

Thank you for your participation.

I checked once again, logging in as root is not enough, The assurance license needs to be installed, or an evaluation license needs te be active.

Robin also configmed the license is needed.
Can you check how your environment is licensed?
Can you check what group your other account is member of?

attached a screenshot logged in as root, with no health monitoring  dashboard.

Sorry, I was wrong. All right, see Network Health license is required Assurance.
I thought that it is a System Monitoring Dashboard. This tab is available if I have to go under the ROOT

Hi Pieter,

I checked on your question and you are right, access to the Network Health dashboard requires an Assurance license for PI.

Again, many thanks for pointing this out and I plan to get a note into the job aid on next update.


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