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Proper setup for a network with Public Static IPs and Private IPs

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hello all-


i am trying to setup a network with public static IP addresses and local (internal) IP addresses with format. i will try to explain as best i can how i have it set up and what my issues are.


i have COX business services in my home and 8 static public IPs assigned to me. i have tried setting this up and everything internally ( works fine and all the devices can get to the outside world fine but when i try to access ANY of the devices on the public IPs from outside the network i get absolutely nothing. the browser just times out and i cannot ping the devices even though COX can see and says the devices are bridging over. COX is unable to get a response when they ping the devices either.

one of the devices is a Synology NAS with one Ethernet port that is using a public IP and the other using a address. when the Ethernet port is setup using a static public IP COX can see it but they get no response from a ping and when they go to the address to get the login page the browser times out. when i reconfigure the port for DHCP it grabs a public DHCP address and when COX pings that they get a response AND they are able to type the DHCP adress in their browser and get to the login page no problem. when i switch back to the static IP they can see it but again are unable to get a response from a ping and are unable to go to the login page.


my setup is:


COX Modem (only has 1 Ethernet port) ====>> 8 port NETGEAR Gigabit switch (all devices with Public IPs are plugged into the NETGEAR switch)


NETGEAR switch ====>> WAN Port on Airport Extreme (latest version w/all software updates)


LAN Port Airport Extreme ====>> CISCO 2960 48 port Gigabit Switch (all internal devices are plugged into the CISCO switch)


like i said everything with the connects and i can connect to just fine but none of the devices with public static IPs can be pinged even though COX can see them bridging over. i have tried all new cables on the devices and that didn't work so it has to be something with my setup.

do i need to add another router to this configuration because i have extra airport extremes lying around i can use if someone could just tell me how the setup should be. i also have a few ports open on the CISCO switch; is there a way i can use it for the 4-5 devices that have public IPs? or will that cause a problem with all the other devices plugged into it with the IP addresses?

i'm not a networking guru (obviously) so if you are able to help me get this setup properly can you try not to use Doctoral Level syntax in your response? i would greatly appreciate it!


i appreciate any and all help... thx in advance!

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