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RME3.5 : Database population failed



we are using RME3.5. Now we have problems adding new devices into the inventory.

In /var/adm/CSCOpx/log/dmgtd.log we are getting such errors : "Sep 28 07:07:06 d22sun56 IcServer[5790]: [ID 234696 local2.error] PGM_NM=IcServer:1627:TYPE=IMPAIRED::System Error: Low level error 1379 while processing device (System Error: Database population failed. )."

In Import Status/Not responding Details I get "Check DB status (running/stopped). Check DB tables for missing or NULL key value columns."

The process status seems to be OK. Are there any ideas ? Is my database corrupt ? If yes, can I re-initialize it ?

Thank you very much in advance !

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Joe Clarke
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There should be other messages around this one that provide context for the error (maybe these messages will be in daemons.log). For example, in the past, we have seen cases where the device returns the max unsigned 32-bit value for an INTEGER type which does not conform to the RME database schema (typically for flash or memory objects).

Tracking down the problem may require you to enable ICServer debugging which can be tricky, so it would be good to engage TAC at that point.


thank you very much for your response. Unfortunately we do not have a maintenance contract for this product anymore.

If I understand you correctly probably our database is corrupted. Is it an option to start from scratch ? We have exported the inventory as textfile, so we could repopulate our DB quickly. Do you believe it is possible and reasonable to reset the DB ?

Thank you.

If you want to wipe out you RME DB and restart you could run the following:

CSCOpx/bin/ dsn=rme dmprefix=Essentials

After that you could import the file with the devices again.

I cannot comment on whether or not the database is corrupt without seeing more information from the daemons.log. As I said, typically, this error is caused by device-sided problems. However, it could be a sign or corruption.

As Dave said in his reply, you can reinitialize your database if you'd like, but the problem may very well return.

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