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router won't boot up

Level 1
Level 1

I have a problem with 1841 router - It wont't boot up and there is a message

Correcting primary nv_flash

Please HELP

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

In ROMmon, use the command "format flash:".  The CF you are using is either not formatted correctly, failed or the CF slot has failed.

When you are done with that, follow this proceedure:  How to Download a Software Image to a Cisco 2600 via TFTP Using the tftpdnld ROMMON Command

I figure out the problem-  256 MB DRAM card maybe was faulted-- I was in the process to install more flash and more RAM - I change 3-4 compact flash cards- the same problem ,but when I remove the RAM card - the router booted normally

I tried to put the faulted card on different 1841 router and had the same problem including some ASCII code

I see you suggested to go in ROMMON mode- but the router even doesn't go to ROMMON mode

Anyway the problem is resolved and THANK you very much for your resonse

For other people with this or similar problem - check your DRAM card if you have one installed