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Simple TCL Script?

Brandon Brown

I'm having an extremely difficult time finding a simple example of how to run a TCL script during the autoinstall process.  I'm hoping this discussion will provide a simple answer as to how to do this.  I'm going to strip this down to keep it simple.


I created a test.tcl file.  When my new switches boot, through DHCP options and TFTP, they download the script via the bootfile-name option.  The switches then try to run the script, which is then failing.  Below is both the script and the error.  In this example, I am attempting to just configure the enable password on the switch and be done.  Super super simple script.  No fancy code.


Loading cfgssh.tcl from (via Vlan1): !
[OK - 380 bytes]

ios_config "enable secret cisco"
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.


Apr 12 16:34:20.753: %PARSER-4-BADCFG: Unexpected end of configuration file.

Apr 12 16:34:20.753: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from tftp:// by console



I looked up the error and it said there could be blank white space causing the issue.  There is no blank white space.


TCL File ..............



ios_config "enable secret cisco"



^That's it... just want to keep it simple.

Thank you for your future responses.

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