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SNMP Informs Support

Mike Hendriks1

Do certain IOS platforms not support SNMP informs?  After fighting all day trying to get SNMP v3 informs working, I decided to switch to 2c to see if I could even get those to trigger.  v3 traps with priv are working fine, but nothing I do seems to enable informs to send. I noticed the 'show snmp' output does not mention informs being enabled, despite what I believe to be correct configuration.


Does anybody know?




snmp-server host informs version 2c informstring tty disassociate config syslog cpu snmp

#show snmp Chassis: F Contact: Location: Basement 22 SNMP packets input 0 Bad SNMP version errors 0 Unknown community name 0 Illegal operation for community name supplied 0 Encoding errors 1 Number of requested variables 0 Number of altered variables 1 Get-request PDUs 0 Get-next PDUs 0 Set-request PDUs 0 Input queue packet drops (Maximum queue size 1000) 35 SNMP packets output 0 Too big errors (Maximum packet size 1500) 0 No such name errors 0 Bad values errors 0 General errors 0 Response PDUs 13 Trap PDUs SNMP Dispatcher: queue 0/75 (current/max), 0 dropped SNMP Engine: queue 0/1000 (current/max), 0 dropped 0 Unknown Security Models 0 SNMP Invalid Messages 0 SNMP Unknown PDU handlers 0 Unsupported Security Level 0 Unknown User Names 2 Unknown EngineIDs 0 Not In Time Windows 0 Wrong MD5 or SHA Digests 0 Decryption Errors SNMP logging: enabled Logging to, 0/10, 13 sent, 0 dropped.


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 - The feature  navigator , mentions IOS-XE platforms only see attachment :


  Not sure as to whether this is conclusive as to native IOS being capable or not. But there is no info about informs in your show snmp command which normally should be present. For your particular model use the latest or advisory software release and check again.




Usually when a feature isn't supported, the commands are removed from the CLI, but in this case, there's several informs-related commands available. 


                             >....... when a feature isn't supported,  the commands are removed from the CLI,

 Not always, sometimes to keep the IOS streamlined it's left to make it easy for the developers to have a uniform code base across platforms.


Mike Hendriks1

Thanks again.  This has been insightful, if disappointing!

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