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SNMP string varbind can't read from an EEM global variable


I'm trying to run a SNMP custom massage via EEM applet.

In the string of one of the vrbinds I'm using a global variable from the EMM environment.

I can print it, and read it but failing to do so inside the string of the varbind.

the applet looks something like this:

event none

action 1.0 info type snmp var vbinds oid string "interface $_interface is Down"

action 2.0 info type snmp var vbinds oid int 5

action 3.0 info type snmp var vbinds oid string "$_interface"

action 4.0 puts "This is the interface $_interface"

action 5.0 info type snmp trap enterprise-oid generic-trapnum 6 specific-trapnum 1 trap-oid trap-var vbinds

The first line is the problamtic one, and the fourth line is also problamteic.

When I took a capture instead of a real interface number I got $_interface.

the output of the event manager environment
all shows the following:

No.  Name                          Value

1    _log_file                     syslog:

2    _cron_entry                   * * * * *

3    _interfaceSLA                 41

4    _interface                    41

What I have expected to see in the capture is, instead of $_interface is the value of it, which is 41.

The output of the puts command is currect.

The same definition works from a tcl script, but I can't use it more then once.

I would realy appreciate some help.


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