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snmpv3 Prime Infrastructure 3.8 and user tracking


Hello all,

I know that this topic has been addressed before, but I would really need some insight...

In order for PI 3.8 to be able to populate "Clients and users" when the device is configured with snmpv3, one needs to add the context vlan- command.

Question 1: Do I need to add the vlan id for every vlan that is on the switch (example vlan-1, vlan-2 etc...). Or does the command context vlan- without any addition, imply all the vlans? I have seen it work both ways, so that is why I am confused.

Question 2: I have noticed that after a device reboot, the context command might be overwritten with this:

snmp-server group grpxxx v3 priv context vlan- read view notify *tv.FFFFFFFF.FFFFFFFF.FFFFFFFF.FFFFFFFF7F access RO

The initial command is:

snmp-server group grpxxx v3 priv context vlan- read view access RO

This seems to mess up User Tracking, and no clients are shown for the device, until the notify *.tv.etc is removed from the configuration (or so I think)...


Any insight into this matter would be highly appreciated.




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