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access rule memory utilization

Bruce Summers
Level 1
Level 1

alright folks,

i guess i'm just being dense here, but i'm trying to find the command that shows me the memory utilization presently in use for the access rules.

i know that np acl-notificattion toggles the prompt on and off, but i'd like to merely view what the present utilization is without creating an acl to get it to prompt me...

thanks in advance...


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Bruce,

If you would like to check the current utilization of the FWSM with regards to ACL counts, please use this command :"show resource acl-partition". This would show the current number of ACL resource partitions along with the maximum number of rules that you can configure.


Akanksha Dwivedi

Yes. I know the acl partition command, but I'm looking for the command that gives the rules % utilization, the actual percentage.

When you add an ace, the fwsm writes it. When it does it, gives you a prompt of rules % utilized in that context. I'm looking for the command that will give that info without creating an acl just to display it.

Thnks bruce

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