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ASA 5505 port redirection on same public address


Hi experts,

We have 2 TS (Terminal Servers) and have configured the 1st RDP using my public address (say on port 3389. it is working very well of course. However I need setup my 2nd TS but will use port 7777 on the same public address which is not working.

I am using ASDM 6.3 and firmware 8.3.1.

Is this a limitation for this IOS?


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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I assume that your TS is also listening on port 7777? or are you trying to port redirect port 7777 to 3389?

Hi Jennifer,

yes, I am trying to port redirect port 7777 to 3389 on my 2nd TS. So both TS have port 3389. the 1st TS port is opened with 3389. but would want to conenct to the 2nd TS from outside with port 7777.


can you please run packet tracer on the ASA for traffic destined to port 7777 and share the output. Thanks.

Hi Jennifer,

the packet tracer is being blocked by NAT

It is not even translating on the NAT:

show nat details:

(inside) to (outside) source static 2nd_TS_address interface service tcp 3389 7777

     translate_hits = 0, untranslate_hits = 24

     Source - origin: 2nd_TS_address/32, translated: External_IP/32

     Service - protocol:tcp Real: 3389 Mapped 7777

It is because I have the 1st TS statically mapped on that same external address? and I'm still trying to statically mapthe 2nd one?


In theory it should work.

Do you mind upgrading the ASA to the latest version of 8.3?

Hi jennifer , unfortunately that is not possible. thanks

Anyone have encounter this before?


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