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ASA alarm is a solid amber

I have two ASA5555X running version 9.631, about 2 months ago the active asa started refusing ssh in all the interfaces, after the restart I can ssh again, then a couple of days or less no ssh again.

then the primary (active) started failing gradually until all the services stopped, The failover didn't work, I had to power off the primary so the secondary became active.

we put the primary asa in an isolated network and started testing it, we found the alarm is solid amber, we couldn't find out what's the reason, we upgraded the ASA to 9.64 and it didn't help.

We used Cisco CLI analyzer and we used Traceback analyzer tool, which found the crash and uploaded the report and couldn't find a matching case.

The secondary (acrive) now is refusing ssh too.


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The failed one connect the cosole and check is the ASA able to boot as expected.

check below all ok on ASA side 

show environment

show controller pci detail

On the Secondary also connect console check the logs.

Try to upgrade to latest anything above 9.12 is good and stable. (may be some bug not sure on the version you running) how long was the uptime ? ( i know there is some bug i do not have in hand of the ASA run more than 2 years - as remember start failing).



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