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ASA SNMP failure

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Level 1

Hello we have two ASA (ASA2)  with 8.3 version and ASA 7.2 (ASA1) , we have SNMP service active on ASA2 with 8.3 ASA version.

Usually we do SNMP request from devices behind NAT on the ASA1 to the  ASA2 SNMP service , two weeks ago suddenly we could not do request from devices behind NAT.

We check process (Sh process)  from ASA2 and SNMP is running, we run "no snmp server" , and we reconfigure it on ASA2, ACLs to access SNMP seems well, and shun table seems ok too, to finish we check with packet tracer from ASA1 to ASA2 in ASA2 wizard and it seems well.

We check SNMP UDP request from ASA1 to ASA2  in ASA1 wizard with packet tracer and it seems OK.

Are there any automatic traffic rule ACL on ASA to protect to from multiple request ?

Any idea ?


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Level 1

Please, attach configuration files to topic.

Your snmp-client on host that sits behind inside interface of ASA1 and you monitor ASA2 state? Snmp-client don't recieve response from ASA2? What wiresharck displays on host, when requests happen? Does any packed recieved/transmitted? 

Hello, we do a packet trace in the two ASA1 and ASA2 on outside interface which is the interface where we have SNMP configuration.

We can see SNMP packets going out from ASA1 in the outside interface to ASA2 , but we can see incomming packets in ASA2 in the outside interface.

They are connected  Internet, we don´t know what is between ASA1 an ASA2 (internet routers)



Maybe ISP filter your SNMP-packets, if you don't recieving they on ASA2's outside interface.

May be .... it is unusual with our ISP, but, may be some IPS or something like this ...  I´m going to contact

Ok, they say that there is not any problem :S. I dont have more ideas about this :S.

Only restart ASA2, may be SNMP service isn´t working propertly.

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