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asdm on mac os x 10.7.x Lion

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can you no longer use/install ASDM on Mac OS X 10.7.X Lion? https://asa_ip_address gets me a page cannot be displayed on all browsers on my macbook pro but works fine from Internet Explorer from my Win XP VMWare image on the same system. This have to do with the Java changes in 10.7? annoying....

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Level 1

okay wait, was able to install asdm from another firewall set running a different os/asdm image. but when i try to use the installed ASDM to my other set, i get the following (see screenshot). uhh, msiexec is not gonna fly on my mac...

ahh, okay folks, if you're on OS X, don't use ASDM-645-206.bin... 645 works fine tho so far.

i'm getting tired of correcting myself. So i set the ASA to use the asdm-645.bin instead of 645-206 (latest as of posting) asdm image and my already installed ASDM app on the macbook works fine and doesn't ask me to update. but if you need to actually INSTALL asdm (if you don't have it already installed) you can't seem to do that. i still get a 'page cannot be displayed' type message from Safari, Firefox and Chrome on my mac when i try to open HTTPS://ASA_IP_ADDRESS where i would usually install from.

If you have the web vpn enabled on the ASA, try to connect to:


this should give you the install.  I went through the same issue as I just switched to Mac.

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