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Audit Logs for Security policy changes on FMC

Hello Everyone,

wondering, how do we track FMC admin logs , I want to have a log about any changes that has been done in FMC ? like adding a new rule or updating existing one.

I know there is an audit log option in the FMC under configuration however using that I could not see detailed information on what exact  changes has been done by the users. 

below syslog output that has been generated by FMC :

 <14>Aug 01 06:39:42 sfdccsm: [testfmc] testfmc fmcadmin@IP address, Policies > Access Control > Access Control > Firewall Policy Editor, Save Policy Testing Policy

Looking at above logs , we can see that fmcadmin has done some changes in the access control section and save the policies , however how to track what changes he has done  by this user ? if fmcadmin has created a new rule or edited an existing one. 

Thanks for help!

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Oliver Kaiser
Level 7
Level 7

Version 6.2.2 will introduce more verbose audit logs for access control policy changes. As of now there is no way to track changes using the audit log.
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Prashant


Can you share version of FMC 

Level 1
Level 1

Hi ,

Is there any way to collect from FMC 6.7 access control changes done by all users?




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