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I need to procure Adaptaive Security Appliance -> Cisco ASA 5512-X Adaptive Security Appliance with IPS services. As per the following link End-of-Sale D...

avilt by Level 3
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Hi, If i configure lifetime 90 days.....before the password expired... 1. any notification during before password expired ? 2. The password related to local password VPN anyconnect as well ?     anyconnect user can change their own password ...before...

Dear All, I have a pair of ASA5516-X and registered the control, URL and malware license in ASDM successfully. Later, I have registered the ASAs into the VM FirePower Management Center but it shows "Unlicensed" of the ASA.  I have doubted that sho...

Kurt Lei by Level 1
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Resolved! nat question

we have ASA running 9.6(1).  the firewall has an outside interface and an inside interface.  - we manage the servers that are on the inside interface from terminal servers that are from the outside interface.  - when I add a nat statement = nat (i...

Hi, I inherited a setup with an ASA 5505 (running 9.1) at the remote site (Site B) connected via a site-to-site VPN to a firewall in our main site (Site A). This is the first Cisco device I have managed so I'm using the ADSM interface. Under Site-to-...

Hi, On ASA, Is it possible to do the qos  for the below scenario , One client will upload or stream to a outside  server. How can we make sure that none of the uploading or downloading  disturb the process  Thanks

elite2010 by Level 3
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