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Resolved! Difference?

Hello Experts:Can you please tell me the difference between directional and bi-directional traffic?Please provide an example, if possible.

ray_stone by Beginner
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    I have an asa5510 on 8.2.2.  I have mylogging configuration as belowlogging enablelogging timestamplogging buffer-size 300000logging buffered debugginglogging trap informationallogging history errorslogging asdm informationallogging host inside <...

mialbert by Beginner
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Hi,i want to ask for my problem with ASA 5520:ASA is runnig with no problems in production enviroment a long time - configuration changes are made weekly.But today when i want to add a same new configuration commands to running configuration, ASA sud...

I'm trying to allow UDP SIP traffic from an inside host to an outside IP. Here is what the results look like with a packet tracer.TCP SIPHere is what the results look like when I tryUDP SIPWhat is happening with the UDP packet?

We recently downgraded our FWSM from 3.2.2 to 3.1.7 to resolve a HTTP firewall authentication issue. This fixed the Firewall authentication issue, but has introduced a new problem where the FWSM does not map virtual IP addresses into the ARP table dy...

Dear,I have  two FWSM  and we want to install  the failover in the two FWSM, My FWSM has 20 interfaces are monitoring but We want only  put 9 nine interfaces VLAN with standby IP address  the Other NO, I check the configuration the guideconfiguration...

I used the pix to asa conversion tool.  I have a configuration text file.  I opened the file transfer screen inside asdm.  My source is my local computer, what would my destination flash file be:  would i overwrite the asa724 bin boot image file or s...

    Hey guys and gals!  I have a couple of questions.I have an ASA 5505 that I log into and currently only need a password to log onto the device. How do I set it up so a username is required as well?Another user needs to access the device. How would...