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Cisco Blocking Client Website - Not Malicous - How to Delist / Unblock?




How do I submit for a website to be unblocked or de-listed from the Cisco website malware database? This website was hacked last year, has been rebuilt from the group up, and yet Cisco thinks it's malicious. We've triple checked all logs, code, and ran 3rd party scans. No malware.


Please help!


- Joseph


Mohammed al Baqari
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor
Are you referring to FTD. You need to go to objects and create a url object
(e.g. trusted sites) then upload a text file which contains the URLs. Then
go to access control policy, add a policy on top and under URLs tab assign
the object to whitelist. Also, from access control policy page go to
security intelligence tab and assign the object to whitelist.

Thanks for responding. 


I'm not a Cisco customer or user. I have zero access to products. I'm trying to find out, as a public person, how do I get Cisco to delist my client's website from the malware list? It does not contain any Malware, and Cisco thinks it does.

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