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Different Timezone between FMC and FTD

sam cook



I have a FTD HA managed by FMC.


Can we have 2 différent timezones and 2 différents NTP servers on each device ?


the thing is that the FMC is managing many world wide sites and each site should have his own timezone. 


thank you

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Sam,


You can have NTP servers configured for each FTD separately in platform settings and define NTP only for FMC under system>configuration >time.

Please do not change anything on the CLI side but on GUI you can change the FMC timezone as desired.

If there are individual units of FTD implementation worldwide, domains can be created on FMC and each FTD assigned to respective domain.


Rate if helps,



without creating domains, can I change this value (UTC) on my FTD ?







Hi Sam,


Please do not change the system time (from CLI ) from UTC on either FMC or FTD.

It can corrupt the database and cause more problems than solve it.

You can control it from platform settings of FMC.


Hope that helps,


Thank you Yogesh.


But from FMC , I can not find where to change the timezone only for one FTD ( MY FMC is managing several FTDs)


In  platform settings I only can add my local NTP server:





In FMC you have to go "SYSTEM-Configuration-Time Synchronization"

Have you created different platform settings for each FTD or using the same?
You can create multiple platform settings and target them on different devices.

br, Micke

Hello Yogesh,

I have a similar Question.

My FMC runs on local time zone. The FTD Devices are getting there time to the FMC and remain as explained int UTC.

The issue arises when one compares the Logs between the FMC and an external Syslog-Server.

The logs in the FMC are shown in local time while the syslogs from the FTD are send to the syslog in UTC. This is quite confusing for troubleshooting.

How can this be solved?

The following document is of no help in this respect.


how this got resolved.

You can set the timezone for FMC users under User Preferences - Time Zone Preferences.

When logged into FMC, go to to the username in the upper right hand corner select  <username> User Preferneces


This should display all time entries in the timezone you choose.


Can someone assist with this please. Timezone is fine for FMC, the issue is on the FTD. NTP and Timezone were defined under platform settings of the FMC, however the time is still not correct and the timezone show as UTC on the cli of the FTD when i issue "show time"


Things i tried:


-Went to expert mode and checked if NTP is available and preferred.

-Restarted the NTP daemon


But the time is still not correct.

Have the same problem but on a FTD HA (All in same timezone and default group) Instance on a 4110 Chassis so time is set from the Chassis and tells you that on FMC. Does not matter what TimeZone you set (We are currently on UTC/GMT) it thinks localtime is running 4 hours behind in EDT. From CLI of chassis itself it shows correct TimeZone and time

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