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Exposing FTP server to the internet on a NGFW Firepower 1010


I have a firepower 1010 managed with FDM and have been trying to expose my ftp server to the web and cant get it out there for nothing. 

I have allowed access from the ftp server to the outside interface on port 21 and vice versa.

Then i setup NAT to translate the ftp server to the outside interface and vice versa but no luck.

Its a freeNAS server with the FTP service on and its works fine internally.

I also have my ISP fiber modem in passthru mode.

What could I be missing here? (Screenshots attached for reference)

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Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

When traffic is initiated fro man outside host it will be from an ephemeral port (1025-65534), not tcp/21. So allow any source port destined for the FTP server's address.

that didnt work either, also nmap says my host is not up and no ports are open.  Is there something that is blocking it inheritly?  This is a new setup from default

Additionally, I cannot ping my public IP either.  I have my ATT modem in passthru mode.  If I use the ATT modem I can set everything up and use port forwarding and it will work but I will have to move the entire network onto the ATT device and lose the firepower security features

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