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Fatal error: Update to version <number> is not complete. Please complete update to <number>

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Hi all -


I have an ASA 5515 sensor running software v5.4.0 (build 763).  On my Defense Center (which is running 5.4.1), I tried to push out a sensor update to version without first reading the release notes.  Naturally, I got this error:

"Fatal error: This patch is for IMS versions greater than or equal to and less than"


No worries, I read the release notes and decided I would go to first.  So, I tried to push that out and I get this message:

"Fatal error: Update to version is not complete. Please complete update to"


I've rebooted the sensor to no avail.  Short of reimaging, how else can I purge the update to so I can instead get the upgrade to to start?


Any help is much appreciated!

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have you found any solution ?


I have the same problem. I can't patch from to after unsuccessful try to update to .

Any other idea than recovery ?





If you are doing an upgrade and it fails do not reboot the devices contact Cisco TAC.
Have seen this problem multiple times and sometimes it ends up with a corrupted DB and then you need to re-install everything from backup.

Contact Cisco TAC and see if they can help you.

br, Micke


P.S. I have learnt the hard way to read Firepower release notes very carefully, as it's not like in good old days just to install a new version.

No, I was not able to solve the problem.  I ended up reimaging the sensor.

Anyone solved the problem ?

Is possible to solve the issue without re-image the module ?

Hi Rafaella,


it seams re-imaging is the only solution.




Hello Team,


I had a couple of customer that had the similar error. I tried everything, from the earlier update, editing a couple of database entries and more, but at the end the only resolution was a reimage.

As someone mentioned, do not reboot, open a P1 or P2 SR.


If you do need to reimage, ensure to get a screenshot of all your device settings, so it makes the reimage/reconfiguration easier.

Damon Kalajzich
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Delete the upgrade lock file

its the .update_version_lock_file


Can you tell us the correct path for the .update_version_lock_file ?

It should be in /var/log/sf/

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