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Firepower 4110 and FXOS version

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Level 1

My Firepower current FXOS version is 2.2.2(28), just recently updated.  Want to apply Firepower 6.2.3 on the device, however Cisco compatibility matrix indicates I need 2.3 FXOS.  Is this absolutely required?  Every time we try to update FXOS we run into hardware problems...some are know bugs, some are not. Each time TAC has to get involved.  We just updated to and had issues with 2 of our 4 devices (4110).  We are hesitant to update FXOS again at this time, but want to get all of our Firepower code at 6.2.3.  

Any thoughts/recommendations?  Do we need to update FXOS?

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Florin Barhala
Level 6
Level 6
Obviously this will not help me, but let me get this please: if you run FXOS how come you also use Firepower?
You mean Firepower for the management server and FXOS for the security appliances?

@Florin Barhala FX-OS is for the physical chassis, not the logical device.


The logical device in this case runs a release of Firepower Threat Defense software (and the managing FMC runs a compatible release).

Thanks for your reply.  And as stated, Cisco recommended keeping all versions to their suggested versions as per the compatibility matrix.  With that said, I am curious about code versions.  Maybe someone can provide confirmation for me on the following:  We have a mixed environment as this time with:

- Cisco ASA devices running ASA code

- Cisco ASA devices running ASA code and SFR(firepower services module) firepower code

- Cisco ASA devices that have been converted to FTD image running firepower code

- Cisco FTD devices (4100, 2100) running FXOS and Firepower code


Updating Code:

- ASA devices > update ASA code

- ASA devices with SFR > update ASA code and Firepower code (compatible versions)

- ASA devices converted to FTD > update only Firepower code (no underlying OS or FXOS to worry about)

- Cisco FTD Device 2100 > update only Firepower code as FXOS is updated as part of it

- Cisco FTD Device 4100 > update FXOS and Firepower code (compatible versions)


Does that sound correct?

Bogdan Nita
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

According to this doc FXOS 2.3(1.73) is the only version that supports Firepower 6.2.3:
I would not recommend upgrading to 6.2.3 without having FXOS 2.3(1.73), you could be running in a number of compatibility issues and if you open a case they will firstly recommend upgrading the FXOS to a compatible version.




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