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FirePOWER ESXi VM Evaluation License


I want to say that I am total beginner regarding FirePOWER :)

After two days of Evaluation License  misunderstanding finally I am here to ask.

These are the image which I deployed on my EXSi host:



Output from the FirePOWER sensor :

> show version
--------------[ SourceFire3D-sensor ]---------------
Model : Virtual Device 64bit (69) Version 5.4.0 (Build 763)
UUID : 9fd45748-4a87-11e6-a35c-ab15a2bc9231
VDB version : 259

> show model
Virtual Device 64bit

> show managers
Type : Manager
Host :
Registration : Completed

Output from the MGMT console:

Cisco Fire Linux OS v6.0.1 (build 37)
Cisco Firepower Management Center for VMWare v6.0.1 (build 1213)

In the CISCO licensing website:

I got the license key, but I don't want to try generate license for ASA, because I think it could be one time usable for evaluations and ASA could be a wrong choice.

I hope somebody already did such kind of registration and can help here. I would be great to start inspecting traffic. It is all for LAB purposes.

Cheers and have a nice day today :)

Ivan Radev

Philip D'Ath

Evaluation keys are "one time" per device and time limited.  You want it to try out - so I would just go get it.  That's the definition of an evaluation.

It appears there is no evaluation licence for ASA5525-x. Is there a way to get an evaluation licence for that ASA platform?

There isn't VM FirePOWER license

bcadeyiga  ,

As I noted earlier in this thread, "The only publicly offered FirePOWER evaluation licenses are for the ASA5506 platform. Your partner or Cisco SE should be able to acquire evaluation licenses for other platforms...". 

That guidance remains correct as of today (17 May 2017) for FirePOWER Services on the ASA platform.

FTD devices (including ASA running FTD image) use Smart licensing and will use an evaluation license by default.

Thanks Marvin. Sorry i missed that bit of the thread. 

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

Yes - assuming your sensor (FirePOWER Services module) is on an ASA 5506-X, the evaluation license you highlighted above is correct.

It will ask you for the license key from your FirePOWER Management Center and then issue you a license. You install it in FMC and then associate it with the managed ASA FirePOWER module.

With that you will be able to apply policies that use the licensed features.

Hello gents,

My FirePOWER sensor is deployed on a VMWare ESXi server, not as a service module in ASA. 

To test its power, I should install all these licenses:

Protection: No
Control: No
Malware: No
URL Filtering: No

I want to mention that the FirePOWER Management Center is licensed. I want to add the inspection services. It should be another evaluation license.

Thank you for your replies.




The only publicly offered FirePOWER evaluation licenses are for the ASA5506 platform.

Your partner or Cisco SE should be able to acquire evaluation licenses for other platforms such as the virtual sensor that you are asking about.

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