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Joseph Gaefe

Firepower migration tool - diagnostic/mgmt interface change IP

I am converting a existing ASA to FMC/FTD (6.4) and using the Firepower migration tool (v. 1.3.1-3051).  During the "review and validation" I am wanting to change the mgmt IP (Diagnostic1/1) so that it doesn't overlap with the existing production ASA.  I have all the other interfaces cabled through switches and have them shutdown on the switch side to prevent any duplicate IP situation etc.  When I actually cutover to the FTD - I will simply no shut those interfaces on the switch.  But I still need a way to manage the FTD remotely so I need the Diag1/1 interface IP to be different than my production ASA mgmt IP is.  Is this possible?  If not, how do I stand up the new FTD and preconfigure it (with the migration tool), remotely, without it creating a duplicate IP on the mgmt port?  


I even have a Raritin console switch on site so I could even leverage it.  But I seem to have a "chicken/egg" issue because while I could basically shutdown the corresponding switch link for the mgmt to prevent a duplicate IP (and use the console for access) - I then could not use the Firepower migration tool to push config to it because I lack an interface on net. 


Is there a way to use the migration tool to ONLY push the config to the FMC and then later I can modify it and "deploy" it to the FTD? 


Any other thoughts? ? ?

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

@Joseph Gaefe wrote:


Is there a way to use the migration tool to ONLY push the config to the FMC and then later I can modify it and "deploy" it to the FTD? 



Yes. See this section of the migration tool guide:

There it describes the process of how we first push the migrated configuration to FMC and then, only "After you have completed your review, deploy the migrated configuration from Firepower Management Center to the Firepower Threat Defense device." Part of your review is modifying any necessary parameters - that could include the FTD management address.

It is this screen that has me worried. This is from the migration tool and is immediately following "validation" which is just my chance to review everything before I "push" the config. It was my understanding that this step would just send it to the FMC - not actually to the sensor/fw.  But the little warning/note seems to say otherwise.  I just cant take ANY risk in the environment I am working in, so I am looking for some clarity.  


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