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Is there a tool for translate the configuration from ASA IOS 8.2 to IOS 8.4 , i asking these because im planning on migrate to  a more stable version but in version 8.4 it change the way how to define the commands,




Hello Luis,

As fas as I know there is no such tool to migrate the configuration since it will be migrated during the upgrade to 8.4; however you should be aware about the major changes on the from the old to the new code.

For more references please look at the 8.3 release notes to understand the major changes on the configuration:

Here is the migration guide as well so you can have more information about this matter.


--Armando Rojas

Marvin Rhoads
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VIP Community Legend

There is no stand alone tool. I specifically asked the TAC and our partner account security team about this and all said no - just rely on the ASA software itself to parse and update your configurations. It's a bit of a shortcoming, in my opinion, but that's the way it is. The alternative offered was to try it in a lab first (nice if you have the platform available in a lab - most folks don't). Some folks have reported success at getting a TAC engineer to run the config through a TAC lab ASA. Your results may vary.

I ended up using GNS3 and building a virtual ASA with 8.4(2) there. It was a lot of work and the end result is less than perfect but useful.

In the end, you still need to check the configuration (and log file) carefully when you upgrade.

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