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Hi ALLI am now facing a problem as follow:According to the image attached, I would like to allow Remote User (Connected by IPSec VPN Tunnel)  to use application in Site A and B (like Remote Desktop, Web, etc ...). For Remote User, they can ping Site ...

I have a third party sip server on my internal network and I need to open the access for an external SIP server on ASA to make a SIP trunk with my SIP server. What ports I need to open for external SIP server on ASA to successfully communicate with m...

rehan_uet by Beginner
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I am trying to get a Cisco ASA5505 to get onto the internet using PPPOE through a Netgear DG384 ADSL router. I have the Netgear in Modem only mode - if you put it in Router mode internet access works fine. When I change it to Modem mode, the error I ...

Morning all First of all I would like to say hi to allThe problem I have is that I have a asa 5505 firewall on my server but it's not stopping or even attempting to stop what I believe a ddos attacks. I'm getting close to 100 connections a second and...

Resolved! NAT solution

Hi,We have a server in DMZ network with IP VLANs(Local LAN users) are provided access to the server is also need to access via internet so created a NAT entry - Natted to public IP (Just for understanding)No...

s-santhosh by Beginner
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Hi Guys,I have a question on Nat. All my inside hosts when goes out to internet are getting natted with the pix outside interface ip address when they access internet. Now I would like to assign a single host on the inside a static global ip address....