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FP 4100 & Nexus 7000 vPC Design

Hello There.

We have an upcoming project with the below items:-

1) FirePOWER 4100 with NGFW & threat subscriptions (Two Qty.) - DC firewalls

2) FirePOWER 5525X with TAMC subscriptions (Two Qty.) - Internet firewalls

3) FirePOWER management center virtual

DC firewalls will be connected to the Nexus core platforms in a vPC environment.

My doubt is about as to how the connectivity will be in case our plan is for active/standby FTDs (not clustering)

1) From each FirePOWER appliance there will be dual links, one each to Nexus 1 & Nexus 2 respectively (should this be part of a singe PO/vPC or dual PO/vPC)

2) Management port of each FirePOWER appliance will be connected to corresponding Nexus, i.e FirePOWER 1 management will be connected to Nexus 1 & FirePOWER 2 management will be connected to Nexus 

3) Do we need a separate physical link for active/standby fail over/state traffic? If yes, can we make use of the existing SFP+ slot & use GLCT since we are short on 10 Gig SFP?

2) For the FTD management, do we need a separate physical port? If yes, can we make use of the existing SFP+ slot & use GLCT since we are short on 10 Gig SFP?

Please help us here as this is our first time with 411.


Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

Each FirePOWER appliance should connect to a unique vPC on the Nexus pair. See the configuration guide here:

You cannot use the built-in chassis management SFP port for either FirePOWER logical deivce failover/state or management. That port is for chassis management only (FirePOWER Chassis manager and FX-OS cli shell).

Thus you will need to allocate an interface for each of those purposes. If does burn SFP+ slots and require 10 Gbps transceivers but that's how you have to do it on these platforms.

I usually specify the relatively inexpensive twinax cables for this (and for the connecitons to the switches as well). The SFP-H10GB-CU1M= (or 2M) is only US$100 list price and covers both ends of the connection. Contrast that with a SFP-10G-SR-S= fiber transceiver where you need two each plus a fiber jumper per connection.

When you connect FTD 4110 in Active/Active mode, routed mode to VPC on Nexus 7K, you can configure SVI over the port-channel in the Nexus 7K???