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Import PIX 515E 6.3(5) config into a new PIX 515E 8.0?

Is this possible? or do I need to redo the configuration on the new one? Thank you in advance.


Back when I did my update it was to somewhere in 7.x.  Cisco has a PIX-TO-ASA conversion tool that will at least get it to version 7.0 which you can get from here:  I believe that should work for your 515E, which it looks like can go up to 8.0.4 officially, though only if you've upgraded the memory in the device.  Have you doubled up the memory?

Thank you for the response. I am replacing the 6.3 hardware with new hardware that is already running 8.0. I am just wondering if I can import the original 6.3 config file to the new hardware?

I'd run it through the PIX-TO-ASA conversion tool, which should get it up to version 7, then when you boot the device with the version 8 software, it should convert the config to version 8 standards.  You may have to do some additional tweaking, but that would probably be the simplest approach.

Thank you for that information, I will look into that as well. Im hoping someone has had to do this and will know definitely!

Just want to see if anyone else knows the procedure to import a 6.3 config into another pix 8.0?

There is no such tool that will convert from PIX500x legacy codes to PIX again  with newer codes or import process Im aware off  .  Only process Im aware off is the one mention  by previos poster , you need to use the PIX to ASA convertion tool that will generate a  text configuration in the newer code based on ASA applience (Not  PIX ), you still however  need to taylor that configuration to reflect proper interfaces  becuase PIX515e and its equivalent  ASA5510 are not the same anymore,  as well as to  manually enter that configuration  onto  your other PIX515e  running code 8.x .   


Jorge Rodriguez

Thank you for the response. So by using the PIX to ASA migration tool...which will take the pix config and convert it

to an ASA format config should work on a PIX using 8.0 correct? Since 8.0 is same type of IOS running on the ASA's?

I dont want to have to manually input my old config into the newer PIX.

You are correct in your assumption below. If there are problems with any commands, the tool will inform you about those as well.



Thank you for the response. I have tried to locate this PIX to ASA conversion tool, but I have had no luck finding it.

Any ideas?

The link in the conversion guide in the first post appears not to go directly to the tool anymore, you'll need to do a software search,  Please note, I believe you'll need to have a valid support contract with Cisco in order to log in and download the PIXtoASA migration tool.

Thank you for the link!!! I was able to download with no problem!!!

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