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Hi Everyone,I have an ASA 5510 with Security Plus license. It has 3 Internet connections (2 x ADSL2+ based and 1 x 10/10M Ethernet). ASA is configued in dual ISP mode (2 ADSL connections) providing internet access in case of default route goes down.3...

xfix by Beginner
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Guys just wanna buy a small foirewall for a company and i was reading through few Cisco eprice varies on licence can someone tell me what does restricted and unristricted means........and what aabt vlan stuff.......some can have one .......

HiIs it wise to run a CSC-SSM20 on and ASA5510, and do I need to have 2gig Ram on the ASA5510?I was also wondering, for the web filtering. If all the Internet users are behing a proxy, does the CSC-SSM consider that to be a single user.I'd appreciat...

vttendere by Beginner
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i am trying to access server from from range on 50000 port but no able to do so.diagram and config are attached herewith , kindly suggest in any changes needs to be done.FIREWALL 2:interface Ethernet0/1 description + + + ...

considering this configuratiion for a master to client NTP implementation, am starting to feel NTP configuration has a bug especially because most of the ASA's hardly repond to ntp serversMASTER=======ntp authentication-key 1 md5 ciscontp authenticat...

Resolved! IOS IPS licensing

Hi Forumers'i have a C1841 router loaded with IOS 12.4T advance enterprise.Typically I had load the IPS signature (IOS-S556-CLI.pkg) to the router. Just there's no license install. It seems success install view using CCP. My question is :1. Will the ...

Hi Guys,I have setup my Cisco routers to have the following basic configuration:ip inspect name FIREWALL tcpip inspect name FIREWALL udpip inspect name FIREWALL icmp!interface Dialer1 ip inspect FIREWALL out ip access-group FIREWALL-ACL in!ip access-...

I am trying to set upa DMZ with an inside VLAN to transfer SFTP (SSH) securely. I can't get the inside pc to connect to the SFTP (SSH) server. I have bought and activated the Security upgradeMy DMZ server is PC trying to go from the insi...

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