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Installing ASA software on 41xx



If i wanted to install on ASA Software on 41xx Chassis, what license we require? as far as i know, we can't Install FTD if we install ASA SW, so we don't need FMC to manage the Firewall?

will also the old ASA CLI be available or do we need to Install ASDM so we can manage the Firewall? can we also configure everything from ASA CLI or there're options we need FXOS to do?



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Marvin Rhoads
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When installed on a 4100 (or 9300) series, the ASA uses a couple of free licenses (Standard Tier and Strong Encryption) that require the chassis to be registered to Cisco's Smart License portal.

On these models, FMC is only for FTD image so you are correct - there's no need for it with the ASA image.

You configure a few things via FX-OS / FCM (Firepower Chassis Manager - the web UI for FX-OS).

There is a quick start guide here that explains all of this in a bit more detail:

Once you've deployed the ASA you will have access to the ASA cli as well as ASDM. 98% of what you're used to will be there. (The major exceptions are the hardware-specific bits that are managed via FX-OS and licensing which is all done with Smart Licenses.)

Thanks and sorry for the late reply

can you explain about Standard Tier license, i have read on Cisco documentation that it throughput can be 2 Gb max?
can you clarify about this?

Thanks again

Throughput of an ASA on a Firepower appliance is not restricted by licensing.


You may be thinking of the ASAv (VM-based ASA).

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