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HI i have tried ASDM configuration on ASA 5525X but not able to achieved . Please share the configuration example on this.. Note: I have configured with  Port channel with sub interface in 5525x and plz confirm if any software need to be installed i...

I was accessing ASA through OUSIDE interface (I'm in a remote site) by ASDM and SSH without any problem, but when I set nat (INSIDE.OUTSIDE) static interface in order to NAT everything from inside to outside, I suddenly losted contact with the ASA. D...

I am trying to setup patterns in Logstash(ELK stack) to monitor FirePower logs.  I am trying to find a documentation that shows all the syslog messages that FirePower can produce to create a pattern file for them.  What I am looking for is similar to...

tsiemers1 by Spotlight
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We are getting this warning several times a day and sometimes the duration is several hours untill it is cleared from healt monitor. We are running virtual FMC and purly ASA-X with FirePOWER. FMC at latest and greates and ASA's @, a c...

Hi, We have a customer that bought an asa5525-x with firepower, now this is the first time i need to setup an asa with firepower and i run into a small issue. ASA is up and running, Firepower managment Server is up and running and connection betwee...

jpdeboer1 by Level 1
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